17 August 2013

Remove Unwanted Search Engines from Firefox

Remember when an apps politely asks you if you want to install their (or their partners) toolbars and change the default homepages on your browser? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Errmm okay, this was happened days ago when I installed some random freewares and somehow it's messing up my browser configurations, I don't remember ticking any 'extra features' on the installations but ended up changed things anyway on my Firefox. At least I have http://search.snapdo.com/?st=ds and http://searchiu.com/?affil=141 listed as the default homepages and search engines.

These Guys

Now removing the snapdo it's a lot easier, I just have to changed the homepage back to default and remove it from the search engine list. I remember got the another one after installing a GrooveShark downloader (which I uninstall minutes later because it doesn't work, hooray!). It's more harder to get rid of, as it will restore its settings again after you removed it.

It seems that it created a custom script to undo my changes, so I have to remove it first. Here's what I've done :
1. Open 'Troubleshoot Info' on Firefox (Firefox -> Help or type "about:support")
2. Scroll it down until I find entries that stated something created a user.js script
3. Open the user.js link and confirm the contents related to the search engine
4. Navigate the location on the address bar with Explorer and delete it
5. Undo the damages : restore my homepage, remove it from search engine list and restore what Firefox will do if I open a new tab.

*As for the last thing, it seems there's no easier way other than change it via preferences page :
1. Type "about:config" on Firefox
2. Click "I'll be careful, I promise -whatever"
3. Type "browser.newtab.url" on search box
4. Click on the only search result
5. Change its value to your preferences (the default is "about:newtab")

Works on Firefox 23 (Windows 7 x64).

10 August 2013

FooDeck for foobar2000

FooDeck v1.2 for foobar2000

This post only provides additional screenshots, please go to FooDeck deviantArt page to download and read installation guide.

Brushed Steel - Full Mode - Library Panel

Dark Wood - Full Mode - Biography Panel

Oak - Full Mode - Lyrics Panel

White - Full Mode - Last.fm Charts Panel

Teak - Full Mode - Track Info Panel

Dark Wood - Full Mode - Themes Panel

Black - Mini Mode 1 - Visualization Screen

White - Mini Mode 2 - Alternate Texts Display


19 December 2012

[Tutorial] Setting Up Plex Media Server

Plex is a media server application that will help you share your music, movies, and your other media collection. Install it on one computer, add your media, and then watch or listen to it from your other computer, TV, PS3, Xbox360, Android, iOS, and other DLNA-certified devices locally via home network connection, or remotely, as long as you have a Internet connection.

Instead of just capable for playing your media, Plex will give you a related info about your media in its beautifully designed interface. For example, when you access your movie, Plex will show you a poster, synopsis and other info about the movie. The same thing happens when you change to your music directory, you will find the artist picture, biography and the artwork on their albums.

In addition to your local media, Plex also gives you various Internet channels to stream to. So you can watch YouTube or Vimeo videos, or listen to what's hot on SoundCloud right from your Plex, and there's a tons more you can discover on it.

Here's a few screenshots :



Let's get started ...

1. Installation 
First of all, verify your soon-to-be media server computer or NAS at least meets the PMS minimum system requirements. You can't find details info on the Plex main site but you can check on their wiki page.

Download the right version for your platform from this page and then install it. After you successfully installed the application, you're ready to set it up.

*I'm using PMS on my Windows 7 and haven't try it on another platforms. You can expect some differentials on setup & preferences on Mac or Linux on the setup process.

2. Setup (Part. I)
Launch PMS for the first time. On Windows, you will have to control PMS from your browser, so right-click the Plex icon on the toolbar and left-click "Media Manager", your browser will open a page where you can start settiing up your library.

Plex will give you a basic steps about adding your local media (Music, Movies, Home Movies, TV Shows & Photos), adding channels, and setting up your Plex account to play your media remotely.

Let's take a look to Plex settings menu, in this page you will find many options like : Set your server name, library update preference, and agents. Be sure to enable agents on your media so Plex can fetch info from the Internet.

But wait, before you add your local media folder on each section, you have to ...

3. Organize and Verify Media Names
Having your media in an organized location and correct names (including metadata) & format is one of the most important factor in this process. Store you music files on the same root folder for example, will simplify the adding media folder process later on. Correct media names will help Plex get more info about your media   from the Internet via its plugin (i.e. artist info, album art, movie poster, etc.).

Place your each media in one specific folder and separate all the contents with a folder again and then follow the filename format below :

[Movies Root Folder] -> [Movie Title (Year) Folder] -> [Movie Title (Year)] :
  • Movies
    • The Amazing Spiderman (2012)
      • The Amazing Spiderman (2012).mkv 
    • Total Recall (2012)
      • Total Recall Extended (2012).mkv

TV Shows
[Shows Root Folder] ->  [Show Title Folder] ->  [Show Season Folder] -> [Show Title - sEEeYY] :
  • TV Shows
    • Fringe
      • Season 1
        • Fringe - S01E01.mkv
        • Fringe - S01E02.mkv
      • Season 2
        • Fringe - S02E01.mkv
        • Fringe - S02E02.mkv
    • Game of Thrones
      • Season 1
        • Game of Thrones - S01E01.mkv
        • Game of Thrones - S01E02.mkv
In addition to get the subtitles from the Internet, Plex also supports your existed SRT, SMI, and SSA / ASS subtitle format, just make sure you put them in the same name and folder as the movie / tvshow files. Append language code so Plex can show you the subtitle language info when you access your movie / tv show :

The Amazing Spiderman (2012).en.srt or The Amazing Spiderman (2012).eng.srt  for English,
The Amazing Spiderman (2012).id.srt or The Amazing Spiderman (2012).ind.srt  for Bahasa Indonesia,
The Amazing Spiderman (2012).la.srt or The Amazing Spiderman (2012).lat.srt  for Latina,

[Music Root Folder] -> [Music Artist Folder] -> [Music Album Folder]
  • Music
    • Alex Skolnick Trio
      • Veritas
    • Muse
      • Showbiz
      • The 2nd Law
And don't forget to check if your music tracks are already have a correct tag / metadata info.

If you already finished organizing your media, you can continue on ...

4. Setup (Part II)

Go to Media Manager, select your root media folder to each section on Plex, and wait while Plex adding your media to the library. It may takes some minutes, even hours if your have a very large library. Your Internet connection also have effects on this step, because as soon as your media added to the library, Plex will fetch any additional info for your media from the Internet.

That's it, now you will only have to ...

5. Connect Another Devices to Your Media Server
So, after you finish the setup you can start connecting your computers and DLNA devices to the media server and stream your media.

On your other computers, you can access your media by typing "[PMS Server's IP]/web/" from your browser. Use fullscreen on browser (F11) for more enjoyable experience. 

There's an app for your Android, iOS , Windows Phone 7, and even Windows 8 & Windows RT. But that's not a free app, it'll cost you $5 (excluding Windows 8 & RT, $3). Is it worth it? Right now I'm using the Android app on my tablet, and so far so good!

You can find the media server on your PS3 too. Haven't try on Xbox360 though.

Transcoding on-the-go
Plex supports wide range of media formats, if your device supports it, Plex will stream it directly, if it doesn't, Plex will transcode it to an acceptable format for your device. Your computer server will do this, not your target device. 

Wired or Wireless Connection?
It's always better to use wired for more stable connection. But I'm using a wireless connection haven't experiencing any connectivity problem, as long as it's direct play / streaming.

Find out more on :

18 December 2012

[Tutorial] Fixing "Force Close" Apps When Calling the Keyboard (Galaxy Tab 2 10")

Keyboard is an essential part of your Android phone/tablet, you're using it from updating your Facebook status to some seriously work, for example, editing your document on your Drive then collaborate it to your partner. Now what's happen if your keyboard stops working, or worse, making all of apps "force close" when you want to type something? You might got to install a 3rd-party app to replace your current keyboard. Now what' you're gonna do if it doesn't solve it?

This happened to me, my 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (running ICS 4.0.3) keeps getting error every single time I open an app then try type something on it, on any app. From a few discussion topics I found on the Net, it seems caused by corrupted data on /data/clipboard folder. The good news is you just have to delete the contents of the folder, bad news is, it's located on root folder, you can't look into it from any app by default. 

There's a few workarounds though, at least I found 3 solutions regarding this :
  1. Install 'Ice Cream Sandwich' keyboard app from Play Store.
  2. Root the tablet so we can delete the contents of /data/clipboard folder.
  3. Reset the tablet to the factory settings.
Now solution #1 didn't fix this, at least for me, and I won't reset my tablet and set it up all over again, no if I still have other option. You might want to contact Samsung about this, don't worry, someone has already did it and you can read Samsung's response on this post. Yep, they suggest you to reset your tablet back to its original state. No thanks.

For those of you that might not know, rooting your android devices allows you to have administrative rights, it has so many functions, in this particular case, it allows you view hidden folder that can't be seen by default. In my opinion the process doesn't very hard or complicated, but you must understand the risk of having your devices 'rooted'.

IMPORTANT : Rooting your devices will likely void your warranty, involves the risk of 'bricking' your phone (slang which means your devices is now useless, just like carrying a brick with you) and perhaps some other problems. I will provided you a tutorial link which explains how to do it, but I do not hold any responsibilities for any damage caused during or after the process, even if you did exactly the same steps as the the tutorial explains.

So, after you understand the risks and still want to root your tablet, click this for the tutorial. Do as exactly as the tutorial told, and do not hesitate to ask a question if you somehow got confused.

After successfully root your phone, head over to the Play Store and install a file explorer app that has root explorer feature (I suggest use ES File Explorer, it's free and it's awesome). Enable root explorer from the app settings, navigate to the top / root contents, open data/clipboard folder and delete all of its contents and then reboot your tablet. You should be able to use your keyboard now.

You may already to know that in the time I write this post, Samsung is in the middle of process of giving a Jelly Bean update via OTA or Kies for this tablet. They already providing it in few countries, but not worldwide yet (I'm In Indonesia and didn't receive it yet). From what I read on another article, updating your tablet with this problem still unsolved will likely to give you another headache, as there's a process when you need to type something (Your Google account info, perhaps) before completing it. Root you tablet, get rid of clipboard folder contents, un-root it back then start downloading and applying the update, it's the best procedure I've found so far. I'll update this post as soon as I received the update.

Thanks to XDA-Developers & Android Central for their awesomeness!

16 August 2011

[Review] TP-Link TL-MR3420 - 3G Hotspot Router

Hello, long time no see.. Kali ini saya kembali dengan ulasan seputar Router TP-Link TL-MR3420, dari mulai First Look sampai tahap instalasinya. Sampai saat ini, seri TL-MR3420 adalah salah satu dari 2 tipe Wireless 3G Router yg dimiliki oleh TP-Link. Fungsi utamanya tentu adalah men-sharing koneksi ADSL & 3G USB modem anda untuk beberapa perangkat sekaligus, kali ini saya akan membahas konektivitas Router ini dengan 3G USB modem.
General Info : http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?categoryid=218&model=TL-MR3420#over
Compatibility List : http://www.tp-link.com/common/subject/3g-router/compatible/list/?siteid=1
User Guide (Tutorial Instalasi) : http://www.tp-link.com/en/support/download/?model=TL-MR3420&version=V1
First Look :
Body TL-MR3420 dihiasi oleh kombinasi warna putih dan hitam, sekilas model dan warna Router ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan TL-MR3220 atau TL-WR1043ND dari kelas yg berbeda. Di sisi depan terdapat berbagai macam lampu indikator plus tombol QSS (Quick Setup Security), sementara di sisi belakang terdapat 2 jack antenna, jack power, USB slot untuk modem, 1 port WAN, 4 port LAN serta tombol reset.
Testing :
Alat yg digunakan :
  • 2 PC (Windows 7 x64 OS & Windows XP x86) w/ LAN port
  • 3G Modem ZTE AC682*
  • Beberapa gadget yg mempunyai Wi-Fi
*Perlu diperhatikan bahwa Modem ZTE AC682 tidak terdaftar di compatibily list Router ini, namun sudah tersedia file configuration agar modem ini dikenali Router.
Untuk Test koneksi Router, saya menggunakan PC dengan koneksi LAN dan gadget seperti BB 9700, Samsung Galaxy Ace dan PSP Go yg mempunyai Wi-Fi. Koneksi via LAN di PC pertama tidak ada hambatan sama sekali, begitu jg dengan PC kedua yg ditest, hanya tinggal rubah mode Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) menjadi otomatis. Koneksi Wi-Fi jg cukup mudah, cukup aktifkan Wi-Fi di device yg digunakan lalu scan & connect, jangan lupa masukkan security password jika sudah di-set saat setup. Saat dites, PSP Go ternyata tidak men-support versi security WPA2-PSK, jadi tinggal rubah tipe Security menjadi WPA-PSK.
Hal lain yg saya tes adalah kekuatan jangkauan sinyal. Kali ini saya lakukan tanpa alat penguat sinyal tambahan, untuk alat ukur saya hanya menggunakan PSP Go yg notabene memiliki indikator persen (dibandingkan dengan gadget lain yg hanya berupa bar). Saya meletakkan Router di bagian tengah lantas 2 (lantai atas) rumah, lalu saya coba mengkoneksikan PSP dari berbagai tempat termasuk teras depan & belakang (2 titik yg bertolak belakang dengan jarak sekitar 20m dari Router). Signal Strength berkisar diantara 50-60% saat dites di 2 lokasi tersebut, sedikit lebih jauh dengan terhalang tembok tambahan, sinyal drop hingga ke angka 20%. Untuk ruangan indoor seperti ruang keluarga atau kamar tidur, persentase sinyal dapat mencapai 70-100%. Overall, tidak ada kendala sinyal bagi saya.
Tentu hasil tes ini tidak bisa jadi acuan karena perbedaan tata ruang, penempatan Router atau mungkin interfensi dari benda elektronik yg berbeda². Hal ini bisa diakali dengan menggunakan antena yg memiliki gain (dBi) lebih tinggi, Repeater atau Booster. Perhatikan jg penempatan benda wireless lain yg memiliki frekuensi 2,4 GHz.